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Notice of Data Breach

At Alicia Surgery Center, we value our patients and their privacy. The purpose of this notice is to inform our patients about an incident that involved some patients’ personal information.

What Happened

We contract with Harvard Eye Associates for billing and other administrative services. Harvard Eye uses some of our patient information in order to provide those services.

Harvard Eye uses a vendor for online data storage. On January 15, 2021, the vendor notified Harvard Eye that hackers had accessed the vendor’s computer system and taken some of Harvard Eye’s data. The vendor informed Harvard Eye that the hackers had demanded money to return the data they had taken. After consulting with cybersecurity experts and the FBI, the vendor made the payment. The hackers then returned the data and told the vendor that they had not disclosed the data or kept any copies. The vendor determined, through its investigation, that the hackers might have been able to access Harvard Eye’s data as early as October 24, 2020. The vendor’s cybersecurity experts have been monitoring the internet and have not found any evidence that the hackers used or disclosed any of the data.

What Information Was Involved 

The information taken by the hackers included some information about our patients, which Harvard Eye was using in order to perform administrative services for us.

The data taken by the hackers included patients’ names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, medical history, health insurance information, medications, information about treatment from Harvard Eye, and medical information relating to eye surgeries at Alicia Surgery Center. The hackers did not have access to patients’ social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, other government ID numbers, or credit or debit card information. 

The data accessed by the hackers also included certain personal information about current and former employees of Alicia Surgery Center and, in some cases, their family members and beneficiaries.

What We Are Doing 

We are offering free credit monitoring and ID theft protection services to every individual whose information was affected by this incident.

When the vendor learned of this incident, it notified the FBI, hired cybersecurity experts, investigated, blocked further access by the hackers, and strengthened its security measures to help prevent future incidents. At Alicia Surgery Center, we have taken steps to review and analyze the incident, and we will continue our ongoing efforts to maintain and enhance the security of our patients’ data. 

We take our responsibility to protect patient personal and medical information very seriously. Please be assured that Alicia Surgery Center is committed to preventing any similar incident from occurring in the future.

Learn More

To find out how to enroll in the free credit monitoring and ID theft protection services, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please call (888) 611-0026.