Day of Your Procedure

Bring the following items with you to Alicia Surgery Center:

  • Any medications required by our nurse.
  • Your picture ID with proof of address. If your ID does not include your address, bring another proof of address such as a current utility bill.
  • Your health insurance card.
  • Any co-payment that you are responsible for.

Please arrive at Alicia Surgery Center one hour prior to your scheduled procedure. After you check in with our receptionist, we will ask you to complete admission forms and verify that you have read our required patient notices. We will place an ID band on your wrist and ask you to take a seat in the waiting area.

Once your admission is processed, a nurse will accompany you into the pre-surgery area and check your ID band. We ask that your companions remain in the waiting area.

In pre-surgery, you will change into a patient gown and booties. Your belongings will be placed in safekeeping.

The nurse will help you get comfortable, then review your medical history and ask you to sign consents for your procedure and anesthesia. Please be patient if the questions seem redundant; they are part of our checking system to make sure we do our best for you.

The nurse will review the discharge instructions that you will need to follow as you recover at home. You will receive a written copy before you are discharged. She will also give you a patient experience survey to take home. We kindly ask you to return this to us at your earliest convenience. We greatly appreciate your feedback as it helps us improve how we care for patients. You can also download the patient experience survey.

If your procedure calls for anesthesia, the nurse will start an intravenous line in your arm with the medications prescribed by the anesthesiologist. Your doctor will mark the operative site on your body with a surgical marking pen.